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3 Tiger Tools We Recommend

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Jan 10, 2023 | Products

If you’re looking for heavy-duty trucking, agricultural or construction, and mining tools, David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales has everything you need. We can help you find premium specialty repair tools and other useful equipment for your workshop. Our inventory features leading brands and products, so you’ll never go without the tools you need to get the job done. We specialize in heavy-duty tools and machinery with the best ratings and reviews. Here are three Tiger Tool heavy-duty tools we recommend:

1. Heavy-duty King Pin Press

Removing king pins without a specialty tool is hard work and can be dangerous. The Tiger Tool King Pin Press saves time, allows the repair to be made with one tech, is 75% lighter than their competitor, and there is no swinging a heavy hammer.

It comes with three forcing screw options that service everything from pickups to Class 8 trucks and equipment. A shortened forcing screw lets you access king pins in the tightest wheel wells. It even works on buses! The king pin press can be used on both straight and tapered king pins.

2. Pin & Bushing Starter Kit

The Pin and Bushing Starter Kit is another time-saving tool from Tiger Tool. You can use it to install rubber-isolated and threaded pins and bushings without removing the suspension. All you need is a hydraulic pump and the correct adapter kit for your bushing. The tool cuts the time and labor required to install pins and bushing, reducing overall shop time.

We recommend this kit because it is effective and durable. The kit offers a comprehensive solution for servicing most OEM pins and bushings. You can generate tons of pulling strength to install and remove the most rusted and seized pins and bushings. The components are also tested and treated to handle the most challenging jobs.

3. Tiger Tool Pullers

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales stocks a wide range of pullers from the brand. There are three versions of the u-joint puller that work on everything from automotive to class 6-8 trucks and machinery. They are made of high-grade steel and hold up to the extreme pulling pressure needed on the toughest jobs.

Tiger Tool also has specialty pullers for just about every job, including their Yoke Puller, Slack Adjustment Puller, Axle Shaft Puller, and Pitman Arm Puller.

Premium Heavy-duty Tools

Tiger Tool is one of the top-rated brands specializing in heavy-duty tools for trucks, buses, and other heavy machinery. They are recognized for their quality and are known as some of the best specialty tools in the industry. The Tiger Tool warranty is one of the best, and they stand behind their tools.

At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we help you find hard-to-find specialty repair tools from leading manufacturers. Our team recommends the three tools above, but you can choose from a wide range of options. We have a diverse inventory covering top manufacturers of the best heavy-duty tools. If you have any questions, you can speak to our team for more information about our products.