The United States relies heavily on the trucking industry, with more than 60% of freight being delivered through trucking routes. 

Without these shipping options, our stores would be empty and businesses across all industries would suffer. We all need these trucks to stay on the road without having issues that keep them from completing their jobs. 

In order to do that, truckers need to perform regular maintenance on their trucks. This is where using workbenches comes in handy. 

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most important reason the trucking industry benefits from workbenches. 

1. Access to Tools 

Working on cars requires a very specific set of tools in order to get the job done correctly. And big trucks are no different. 

There are many specialty tools available on the market that make truck maintenance possible from the comfort of the driver’s own home. But with that many extra tools, the workspace can quickly become a huge mess. 

When places are disorganized and cluttered, it’s hard to be motivated to work in there. 

A driver will likely procrastinate the maintenance and repair work they need to do if they don’t have easy access to their tools. But a workbench easily solves that problem. It allows you to give each tool a home where you can easily access it when needed. 

2. Protecting Trucking Tools 

Not only are there many tools that are required for big truck maintenance, but they are also often expensive. 

Nothing is worse than investing in something you need to perform your job better and then having it ruined or lost. A workbench decreases the likelihood that tools will be damaged by giving them a home. 

When tools have a designated place, it’s more likely that they will be put away and therefore, better taken care of. 

It’s also helpful to be able to see exactly what you have to get a better idea of what you may need to purchase for specific jobs. 

A workbench is a great storage solution for all of those assets you want to take care of. 

3. Customized for Specific Needs

Each driver is different in what truck upkeep tasks they take on themselves and which ones they hire out to a professional garage. Which means that each will have different needs for their workbench. 

The great thing about workbenches is that there are so many options available, you can completely customize what you get to fit your individual needs. 

And a workbench doesn’t just have to be for trucking-specific tasks. It can also be used for other hobbies. These kinds of hobbies are especially important for the well-being of drivers who are gone from home for long periods of time. 

Workbenches can serve many purposes but will benefit any garage situation. 

4. Quicker Turnaround Time 

Drivers don’t get paid to sit around at home fixing their big trucks, so turnaround time for repairs or tune-ups is absolutely critical. 

A workbench gives the driver the structure to be able to handle these jobs quickly. Instead of spending so much time trying to find the tools, they’ll be able to locate immediately and move on. 

It also gives the driver somewhere to actually complete some of the more detailed jobs. 

When a driver can get their truck back on the road in a timely manner and on schedule it means more money in their pockets. Making a workbench a smart investment. 

5. Increasing Safety

A person working on cars or trucks is much more likely to sustain an injury than most other job industries. 

This is because the pf the weight of the pieces of machinery that are being worked on, the tools being used, and the technical nature of the jobs. All of that combined makes for a lot of possibilities for mistakes and injuries. 

But workbench weight capacity would allow a driver to pull out pieces of the engine to work on individually. 

That is a huge boost for safety as the driver can get a much clearer  view of the whole machine. Not to mention being able to see what they’re actually doing easier. 

6. Organizes Your Space

Garages tend to be the clutter pits in a home. Many things just get dumped in there and over time it can get overwhelming. This is especially true for tools and projects. 

But a workbench is a great opportunity to get things all in the same place and set up in an orderly manner. 

Designs for workbenches often come with many storage options; drawers, pegboards, cupboards, or shelves. All of these can be maximized in order to be able to store the most and in the most efficient way. 

The great thing about organizing too is that it usually spreads. So getting a workbench to organize your tools may just ooze over into other areas of the garage. 

7. Amps Up Productivity 

Drivers sometimes don’t have a lot of time at home to spend with their family, relax, and participate in more enjoyable activities. 

But they do have to work on their trucks in order to fulfill their next routes. 

So finding the balance between working and playing when home is critical. An organized workbench can be just the catalyst for a productive work session. This can clear out the to-do list to make room for fun, playtime. 

Knowing you’ll be able to quickly find what you need and have space to work will motivate you to not procrastinate your maintenance tasks. 

Benefits of Using Workbenches in Trucking

There is so much that goes into keeping a big truck running smoothly for years on end. 

After every trip, the driver needs to complete an inspection and make sure everything is up to standards. They need to be able to quickly give their truck the work it needs so they can actually have their downtime.

Using workbenches makes the whole truck maintenance process easier and more enjoyable by keeping things organized. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a workbench or other trucking tools and accessories, contact us today!