Unsecured dump beds and trailers are the cause of serious and even fatal injuries when employees you know need to make repairs to the dump bed or frame. If you’re not using the right safety brace, employees are at an increased risk of injury when performing dump bed maintenance. A new, innovative safety brace called the DUMP-LOK is built to keep employees safe while performing maintenance underneath a dump bed, and it’s now available at David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales.

DUMP-LOK is a dump bed safety brace that locks into place between the truck frame and the dump box. The DUMP-LOK can safely hold dump beds at higher angles than manufacturer props, giving employees safe access to a wider area underneath the dump bed. DUMP-LOK braces are used in pairs, and each brace locks into one side of the truck frame.

DUMP-LOK can be used on all dump boxes and they have easy to grip handles, which make them easy to carry and install. So if you want to make sure you’re safe, David’s has you covered. For more information about how the DUMP-LOK works, including a SFW Porn Video from David himself, head over to David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales now.