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Brands That Can Be Covered by Farming Diagnostics Tools

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Mar 25, 2024 | News

Many farm equipment brands use diesel engines to power their machinery. These heavy-duty engines require specialized diagnostic tools to identify malfunctions and suggest repair solutions. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we offer a range of diagnostic tools to help farmers pinpoint issues and prevent breakdowns. Here is more information about the machinery brands that are compatible with various diagnostic tools for farm equipment:

Farming Equipment Brands

Farm equipment ranges from planters and harvesters to fertilizers, tractors, and loaders. This equipment may experience electrical or mechanical issues, like short circuits and engine failure. These issues may be identified and resolved by connecting diagnostic tools like scanners and code readers. If you are unsure if your engine is compatible with your diagnostic tool, check with a supplier like David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales to confirm its application. Some of the most common brands that can be tested with diagnostic tools for farm equipment include John Deere, CAT, and more. 

John Deere

John Deere is one of many USA-based brands that creates a variety of farming equipment. Many products are suited for commercial and small-scale agricultural operations. This machinery is powered by diesel engines that can be tested with heavy-duty diagnostics laptops like the Diesel Handheld Pro with additional equipment fault codes, which can be purchased from heavy-duty tool distributors like David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales. Some John Deere farming equipment that works with diagnostic tools include cutters, sprayers, seeders, and planters. John Deere machinery used for tilling fields and loading materials is also compatible with various testing and troubleshooting technologies. 


Caterpillar is another USA-owned heavy-duty machinery brand that manufactures equipment for the construction and agricultural industries. Farmers can use diagnostic scan tools like the CanDo Heavy Duty Codereader on CAT equipment, such as mini excavators, small dozers, and compact and small wheel loaders. They can also test and scan the engines of CAT backhoe, skid steer, and compact track loaders used in agricultural settings.

Case IH

Case equipment that can be tested with diagnostic tools includes tractors, vertical tillage tools, harvesters, and loaders. This American machinery company also produces chemical and fertilizer applicators, balers, windrowers, and sprayers. Farm diagnostic tools like heavy-duty code readers can identify error codes in Case engines and suggest potential repairs to restore equipment to optimal function.  

Engine Types

Several key engine brands can be found within various farming equipment types. Such as Cummins engines, which have reliable performance and fuel-efficient capabilities. Detroit engines may be found in agricultural irrigation pumps. These two engine types are compatible with diesel engine scan tools like the Nexiq USB Link 3 Wired Edition. Volvo engines can also be found in equipment like harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, and feed mixers. These engines may be tested using diagnostic equipment like the Diesel Laptops Handheld Heavy-Duty Scan Tool with Regen.

Common Diagnostic Tools

Some of the most common diagnostic tools for heavy-duty equipment include laptops, code readers, and scanners. Laptop diagnostic tools are used to identify engine issues, interpret codes, and provide repair suggestions. They give users access to live equipment data and come with built-in reporting features. Handheld laptops display engine information in metric, imperial, and binary measurement values to help technicians understand the engine’s needs more clearly. A diagnostic laptop also provides wiring diagrams, component locators, and step-by-step fault code repair information to improve the efficiency of repairs. Advanced laptops provide data on agricultural equipment’s maintenance intervals and labor time guides. This gives farmers a better understanding of their equipment’s health and what to expect from standard repair services.

Scan tools are used to check an engine’s speed, load, pressure, and temperature. They also monitor live equipment data and perform tests on oxygen sensors, evaporative systems, and more. Handheld scan tools are convenient for farmers with many equipment types, as they are compatible with a wide variety of machinery brands. Code reader tools inform farmers about past, current, and pending diagnostic trouble codes and fault codes. They also provide definitions for the codes to help farmers determine the most appropriate repair methods. Some scan tools read fault codes for engine, transmission, and brake systems to provide broader equipment support for agricultural professionals. 

Other diagnostic tools used on heavy-duty farming equipment include micrometers and multimeters. Electronic micrometers provide highly accurate measurements of small engine components, like the thickness of a hose or pipe. Multimeters can measure more than one electric value at a time. This is convenient for testing and diagnosing electrical issues within equipment’s engine and wiring systems.

Explore Diagnostic Tools for Farm Equipment

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales carries a range of diagnostic tools and other heavy-duty equipment for farmers and professionals in many industries. We offer diagnostic software, hardware, and laptop kits for heavy-duty diesel engines. Call our team today for help finding the right diagnostic tools for your diesel-powered farm equipment.