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Choosing the Best Diagnostic Tools for Farm Equipment

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Mar 10, 2023 | Products

One of the keys to long-lasting farm equipment is regular maintenance. With the correct diagnostic tools, problems with farm equipment can be dealt with quickly. This helps you avoid expensive repairs and extend the life of your equipment. David’s Heavy Duty Tools Sales carries a range of diagnostic tools farm equipment requires. Let us help you identify the right tool for your maintenance needs.

Multi-purpose Kits

Among the higher tiers of maintenance diagnostic tools are multi-purpose kits. We carry quality diagnostic kits, like the Cojali Jaltest Material Handling Equipment Diagnostic Tool. Diagnostic kits offer a wide range of functionality and can assess and calibrate many types of equipment across multiple brands. The Cojali Jaltest tool boasts dealer-level diagnostic abilities and includes access to training and repair information. A multi-purpose kit can accommodate a range of diagnostic and maintenance needs, making it a powerful tool in your farm equipment arsenal.

Trailer Testers

Inspection systems and trailer testers for large-scale equipment are designed to include many of the same diagnostic features found in a professional repair shop. We carry an all-in-one trailer tester equipped for inspecting and testing anti-lock braking systems and electric and air brakes. It is also made to create reports for Department of Transportation inspections.


Digital storage oscilloscopes, or DSOs, diagnose electrical issues that standard altimeters have difficulty detecting. One of the advantages of DSOs is that they can be set up and used without dismantling the equipment you’re diagnosing. Other diagnostic methods or tools might require the removal of valve and valvetrain components. A good DSO can save time and effort during maintenance operations.

Fuse Savers

Large electrical systems, like those in trucks, tractors, and other heavy equipment, incorporate fuses as safety devices. If power fluctuates dangerously, the fuse can absorb the surge, usually burning out in the process. Fuses are useful in modular systems, where multiple pieces of equipment circulate power at different levels. Fuse savers can identify short circuit points without burning fuses. With a fuse saver tool, fuses are saved for normal equipment functions and not wasted on diagnostic processes.


While many diagnostic tools are designed to be compatible with a wide range of farm equipment, connectors can still differ. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we carry a wide selection of adapters to bridge the gap between your tools and your equipment. Adapters are often cables, with one end matching a unique connector and the other matching a more common connector, like the one found on your diagnostic tool. Pin kits for altimeters and oscilloscopes are an example of adapters we carry that give diagnostic tools a more comprehensive range of functionality.

Find the Diagnostic Tools Farm Equipment Requires

You can keep your farm equipment maintained and running well for years with the correct diagnostic tools. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales carries diagnostic tools for specialized equipment and general use. If you know which tools you need, visit the store or browse our online selection. Call us at 616-591-0095 for more information about diagnostic tools for farm equipment.