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How Can Diagnostic Tools Help Maintain Your Heavy Duty Equipment?

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Jul 5, 2023 | News

Heavy duty equipment diagnostics involves diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in various types of machinery. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales features many diagnostic tools that help maintain your tractor-trailers. Here are some examples of tools that can help with your maintenance needs:

Heavy Duty Diagnostic Scanner Tools

Diagnostic scan tools or onboard diagnostics scanners are used to diagnose and retrieve codes from a vehicle’s onboard computer system. They can detect issues or deviations from normal operating conditions, such as unusual vibrations, abnormal temperatures, or fluctuations in fluid pressure. By identifying these problems, you can address them promptly, preventing further damage and costly repairs.

The handheld diagnostic handheld scanner tools from our collection offer live data monitoring for the vehicle’s oxygen sensor readings and coolant temperature. Onboard diagnostic systems also monitor the readiness status of specific vehicle systems required for emissions testing. Readiness monitors indicate whether all the necessary conditions have been met for testing the systems.

Trailer Testers

Trailer testers are diagnostic tools helpful in testing and troubleshooting electrical, air brake, and anti-lock braking systems in trailers. Trailer testers at David’s Heavy Duty Sales have indicator lights to provide clear visual feedback on the status of different circuits. They can indicate whether a circuit is functioning correctly, show voltage readings, or signal the presence of faults.

These heavy duty equipment diagnostics come with various adapters and connectors to accommodate different trailer wiring connectors. The trailer testers have built-in features that help simulate brake activation and verify whether brake lights and mechanisms work correctly. These testers can perform leakage tests, and detect and measure the air leakage rate, allowing for timely repairs.

Digital Battery Testers

Digital battery testers assess the health and performance of vehicle batteries. They measure parameters like voltage, internal resistance, and cold cranking amps to evaluate the battery’s condition. The tester connects to the battery terminals and provides an accurate reading of the battery’s capacity and ability to deliver power.

The digital battery tester in our collection features a built-in printer. After conducting the battery tests, it generates a detailed report with the test results. This device’s multilingual operation counter function tracks the number of tests performed and displays the count in multiple languages.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are non-contact gadgets that measure surface temperatures by detecting infrared energyThe tools we have come with a tripod mount, providing stability and hands-free operation during temperature measurements when a steady hand is required. 

These thermometers measure cooling components like cooling components, such as evaporators and condensers, pinpointing areas that need repairs. They measure the temperature of electrical connections, circuit breakers, or wiring, helping technicians identify potential hotspots or overloaded circuits in a vehicle.

Invest in Quality Heavy Duty Equipment Diagnostics

Diagnostic tools help detect issues within a tractor-trailer before they escalate, reducing downtime. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, you can buy infrared thermometers, battery testers, trailer testers, diagnostic scanners, and other diagnostic devices. Browse our online collection or contact us for more information about the diagnostic tools for heavy duty equipment.