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How to Choose the Right Diagnostic Tool for Your Farm Equipment

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Jul 7, 2023 | News

Farmers are busy whether they’re in the field or preparing for the next planting or harvest. Regular equipment maintenance is a large part of running any farm. When farmers use the appropriate diagnostic tools for farm equipment, they can maintain the longevity of their various machines. Prompt identification and resolution of equipment issues can help keep farm operations moving. At David’s Heavy Duty Tools Sales, we can help you choose the diagnostic tools farm equipment and machines need: 

Find the Right Tools for Your Farm

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales carry diagnostic tools for both specialized equipment and general use. Take stock of your farm and develop an inventory of the equipment you use, making sure to include all seasons. Determine which equipment most frequently runs into problems or which equipment has a more specialized role in your farming operations. Shoppers can browse our website by brand, industry, or equipment. You can search our blogs for more information on specific products or topics. Here are the types of equipment David’s Heavy Duty Tools Sales carries diagnostic equipment for: 


Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) are instrumental in diagnosing electrical issues that may elude standard altimeters. DSOs offer the advantage of being set up and utilized without the need to dismantle the equipment being diagnosed. Specific diagnostic methods or tools may necessitate the removal of valve and valvetrain components. We stock reliable DSOs to save time and effort during maintenance operations.

Trailer Testers

Whether you are hauling livestock, moving feed, or planting crops, trailers are a large part of farming operations. Our all-in-one trailer testers have features comparable to those you would find in the pro repair shops. They are ideal for inspecting and testing their large-scale trailer equipment. Our testers are equipped to test anti-lock, air, or electric braking systems. They also generate reports to take the stress out of the Department of Transportation inspections.

Fuse Savers

Fuses are incorporated as safety devices in semi-tractors and other heavy equipment to help protect large electrical systems. In the event of dangerous power fluctuations, fuses absorb surges. They usually burn out in the process. Modular systems on some equipment may have multiple equipment pieces circulate power at varying levels. Fuse savers are indispensable for identifying short circuit points without burning fuses. 

The right fuse-saver diagnostic tool can help eliminate waste during diagnostic procedures by preserving the fuse. We carry fuse saver kits in a variety of sizes and capacities, giving you the option of choosing one that works best for your level of expertise and need.

For the One-Stop Shopper

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales carry diagnostic tools that can accommodate your farm’s diverse types of equipment. Depending on the size or operation of your farm, you may not want to store or carry a lot of diagnostic equipment. Those looking to keep it simple should check these diagnostic tools:

Multi-purpose Kits 

With a multi-purpose kit at your disposal, you can effectively address a range of diagnostic and maintenance needs. This helps prevent the need for costly repairs and extends the lifetime of the equipment. This can make it an invaluable asset for your farm equipment.

Our inventory of diagnostic tools farm equipment at David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales includes high-quality diagnostic kits such as the Cojali Jaltest Material Handling Equipment Diagnostic Tool. These versatile kits provide a wide array of functionalities, enabling the assessment and calibration of various equipment types across multiple brands. The Cojali Jaltest tool has advanced diagnostic capabilities equivalent to those of authorized dealers. The kit also comes with access to training and repair information. 


While many diagnostic tools are designed to be compatible with a wide range of farm equipment, connectors may still differ between different models and brands. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we carry a wide selection of adapters to bridge gaps between your tools and your equipment. Adapters are often cables, with one end matching a unique connector and the other matching a more common connector, like the one found on your diagnostic tool. Pin kits for altimeters and oscilloscopes are an example of adapters we carry that give diagnostic tools a more comprehensive range of functionality.

Ask About Our Diagnostic Tools Farm Equipment

You can keep your farm equipment maintained and running well for years with the proper diagnostic tools. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales have several years of experience providing high-quality farming equipment. Our extensive experience means we can give our customers the answers they may have regarding our products. 

If you know which tools you need, visit the store or browse our online selection and search by category, popularity, brand, or industry. If you still have questions about which diagnostic tool will work best, contact us through our website or customer service line. Call one of our team members at 616-591-0095 for more information about our diagnostic tools and farm equipment.