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How to Use a Diesel Engine Diagnostic Laptop Kit

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Dec 15, 2022 | Products

The purchase of a diesel diagnostic tool is an investment. A high-quality system can improve the effectiveness of how you diagnose and repair equipment, which will increase revenue and save you time. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we understand that this tool can be an essential part of any heavy-duty technician’s shop. We will briefly discuss how to choose and make good use of these kits:

How a Diesel Engine Diagnostic Laptop Kit Works

Technological advancements have made it so that most modern diesel vehicles are equipped with an onboard diagnostic system (OBD). This computer system collects information from sensors in the vehicle. A diagnostic tool and scanner laptop kit connects to the OBD system to collect that data for bidirectional functionality. This allows you to connect to almost any commercial truck, vehicle, agricultural equipment, and much more.

These kits can view data besides the engine such as fuel economy and engine operation monitoring. New kits should include a laptop, scanner, software download (usually via USB) cables, and a pamphlet with a brief overview of the software features. Reputable sellers will also include a list of specs and features with their products.

You can shop for these kits on our website, where we also share new product updates. We carry diagnostic laptop kits from quality brands.

Tips and Warnings

Some companies or individual sellers may offer kits with pirated software. Pirated software not only presents a security risk but will also not include updates or software support. It is also often a few versions behind industry standards.

How to Scan Your Vehicle

Once you have obtained your laptop, ensure that the software has been downloaded and updated. You will then be ready to connect to the vehicle’s onboard computer system. The kits sold on our website have a standard connector that can be plugged into the vehicle’s port.

Plug your connector into the vehicle’s port. Launch your software. Turn on the vehicle. Some software asks for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and other information specific to the vehicle.

Once you launch your software you can make specific selections. You can look at many systems unrelated to the engine, such as the ABS or transmission. Once you run the diagnostic software for your selected features, information is typically available in just a few moments.

Simpler diagnostic tools will simply pull diagnostic trouble codes, leaving you to research them and figure out needed repairs. A diesel diagnostic tool will diagnose issues, and recommend needed repairs. They also come with features such as parts lookup, repair information, and a call center staff with diesel technicians.

Shop for Diesel Diagnostic Tools at David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales

At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we sell a wide range of diesel diagnostic tool for diesel engines. Our technology will help you diagnose engine problems and recommend repairs. Shop today and enjoy an exceptional experience in the marketplace.