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How To Use an Engine Stand

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Jan 10, 2023 | News

An engine stand is one of the tools you need in your diesel repair shop. A stand is indispensable if you own a truck fleet, logistics company, or truck dealership with repair facilities. With this tool, you can safely transport, rotate, and repair truck engines with easy access to all areas of the engine. At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we provide unique trucking, agricultural, and construction equipment repair tools. Our stands are designed for high-quality construction and are efficient for a variety of industries.

What Is an Engine Stand Used For?

Using an engine stand is a safe, secure, and stable way to provide support for the engine. It also holds the engine at a comfortable height while you’re repairing specific parts or rebuilding the engine entirely. It gives you a clear view of the engine from all workable angles.

Engine repairs can take a considerable amount of time, which is less than ideal when you need your equipment to meet quotas. A typical teardown and rebuild can be completed 20% faster by using an engine stand, with fewer chances of damage to the engine. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales offers a wide variety of stands for different engine sizes, up to 6,0000 lb.

Here are the two primary uses of an engine stand:

1. Transporting the Engine

A mobile engine stand allows you to safely move an engine anywhere in your shop. Even the smallest engines can be heavy and impossible to lift or transport without help. The stand also removes the need to move the engine around on your bench, preventing possible damage to the engine. Make sure you secure the engine properly to the stand before moving the engine. You may need an adapter plate to secure the engine to the stand. This will allow you to use your engine stand on different makes and models of engines. David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales can help you find the correct adapters for your different applications.

Once you attach the engine to the stand, you can move it to the desired location with minimal effort. Make sure to find a stand with a locking brake mechanism to hold the stand in place. You should also check the stand’s specifications to make sure it will safely lift the weight of the engine. If you work with a specific type of engine most of the time, use a model designed for that weight range.

2. Rotating/Maneuvering the Engine

Many engine stands make it easy to rotate an engine without causing any damage to the engine components. Engines are heavy and expensive to replace, so be sure to lift them out of the vehicle properly. Once you remove the engine with a crane or hoist, the engine can be mounted to the stand. Each model will have specific steps in the user manual to guide you through the mounting process, though it is generally the same across the board.

Once the engine is safely mounted and secured into place, it can then be rotated to a horizontal or vertical position with a 360° swing radius. The assembly rotates using the ergonomic handle. Once you’ve maneuvered the engine into the exact angle you need to work from, you can lock the engine in position with a pin. Our tools also accommodate fine adjustment of heavy loads and feature several positions for locking the machine.

Our premium-quality engine stands are time-saving tools you can use whenever you want to rotate, transport, repair, and service an engine. There are a variety of models available depending on your needs. We’re here to make sure you have the exact equipment it takes to help your business excel and simplify complicated processes.

David’s Premium-Quality Heavy-Duty Engine Stands

Stands are handy tools you can use whenever you want to rotate, transport, repair, and clean an engine. You’ll encounter unique models that work differently. Agricultural engines will vary from construction equipment engines, and so forth, which is why you need a model that can best meet the specifications of your practice. We have a simple stand you can use with most truck engines. Our stands use a crank handle, making it easy to adjust the angle of the engine while you’re working on it.

At David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales, we specialize in providing hard-to-find specialty repair tools for trucking, agriculture, and construction. We have premium quality heavy-duty stands you can use in your workshop with various truck engines. Our engine stands are made with the finest steel materials and industry-leading component designs. We carry equipment that is specifically optimized to support heavy-duty equipment. If you have any questions about which stand would work best for your shop, feel free to contact us today! You can call our team at any time to learn more about our tools and how to use them.