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David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales offers a variety of high-quality floor jacks, jack stands, air jacks and other lifting equipment. A heavy duty floor jack will allow users to lift vehicles, machinery, and other heavy objects. Here is more information about the heavy duty floor jacks, jack stands, air jacks and engine stands we offer on our website:

Wide Variety

We offer various types of heavy duty floor jacks to fit the needs of our customers. We offer basic heavy duty floor jacks, hydraulic rolling jacks, bottle jacks, and more. Hydraulic jacks use fluids like jack oil to help move or lift heavy objects. They offer more lifting capabilities than a standard floor jack, although they can be slower and prone to wear and tear over time. Standard floor jacks are lighter than hydraulic jacks, and the lifting capacity will vary depending on the model.

David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales also provides long-lasting engine stands. This product is made to hold heavy engines so that the mechanic can easily access the internal components. We offer a variety of engine stands that will hold varying weights that range anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds. Jack stands are useful for holding a lifted car in place. This added security measure will provide a safer working environment when handling heavy vehicles. This is just a small bit of information about the high-quality jacks, jack stands, air jacks and engine stands we offer on our website; get in touch with our team to learn more about the models we carry.

Convenient Accessories

Along with our heavy duty floor jacks, we also provide various accessories to help with large vehicle maintenance needs. We provide lift stands, dump braces, adapters, and so much more. A lift stand is a helpful safety device that you can place underneath your equipment or semi-tractor. Dump braces are used on a dump truck to allow mechanics better access to the area under the bed. They also act as an additional locking mechanism to prevent the bed from falling. Adapters serve to provide enhanced alignment between a vehicle and a pump.

Other accessories include bottle jacks which are small tools that are convenient and portable for traveling. You can easily use this smaller tool without having to carry around a larger jack that takes up more space. A transmission jack and wheel dolly are other useful accessories to utilize for your business or personal use. Explore our page to find other convenient vehicle maintenance accessories.

Quality Products

We verify that the products we sell are the highest quality for our customers. Our floor jacks, engine stands, air jacks and jack stands are durable and built to withstand the rigors of constant use. When finding the right floor jack for your needs, take into account the weight of the product. A lightweight aluminum jack will be easier to transport and move around, but it also will not be able to lift as much weight as a steel jack. A steel floor jack is beneficial for heavy duty lifting situations, but it is not as portable. Reach out to our team with any questions about the durability or weight of our heavy duty floor jacks and other lifting equipment.

Purchase a Heavy Duty Floor Jack Today

Along with floor jacks, David’s Heavy Duty Tool Sales offers a variety of heavy duty tools and diagnostic equipment. Some of those equipment types include bottle jacks, engine stands, transmission jacks, a wheel dolly, air jacks and more. Our quality products are built to last and provide quick and effective solutions for vehicle and heavy equipment owners. Explore our website or contact our team today with any questions about our featured products and heavy duty equipment.