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1/2″ Cordless Right Angle Impactool

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1/2″ Cordless Right Angle Impactool

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A powerful, durable and extremely ergonomic tool unlike any other that goes where other impact wrenches simply canít Its right angle design and 180ft-lbs of reactionless torque will spare your knuckles while showing hard-to-reach jobs no mercy Power: 180ft-lbs of reactionless torque in a slim, lightweight design that offers the reach of a ratchet while packing the incredible power of an impact Bust through jobs faster with the only tool of its kind No air required Access: you donít work in a flat world, so you need a powerful tool that can reach tight spaces while keeping your knuckles intact With a head only 2.2î in height and our patent-pending Inline battery, the W5330/W5350 can go places other impact wrenches only dream of, spaces that used to be reserved for a traditional ratchet or your bare hands Control: From 0-1900rpm in 0.0 seconds flat Just like your favorite impact wrench, the W5330 flies through bolts at speeds your ratchets cant reach With the variable speed trigger for more control, and a conveniently located forward reverse switch, you can keep one hand on the trigger and let the tool do the rest Durability: Advanced technology that can take a beating The W5330/W5350 is designed with a steel-lined aluminum hammer case and a super-tough nylon housing making it ready for every 6ft drop or shop fluid that comes its way Unique slim-line design provides easy access in tight spots; where you can get your arm, you can get your ratchet Long life 20V lithium-ion battery ñ delivers high-charge capacity and low internal impedance for maximum power delivery and run time