Milwaukee® 11/16” x 1” Depth x ¾ Shank HSS Annual Cutter


Features & Benefits:

  • Dual alternating tooth geometry: Double bevel and flat teeth cut more aggressively and boost chip ejection
  • 15% Faster cutting: Thinner wall construction displaces less material
  • Long lasting: Proprietary steel with three hardness zones reduces breakage and extends bit life
  • Versatile design: One centering and ejecting pin size works for all 1” depth cutters
  • Multipurpose 3/4” Weldon shank: Works with most magnetic drill presses and large magnetic presses with the right sized arbor

Dual alternating tooth geometry and thin-wall construction help Milwaukee’s Annular Cutter cut up to 15% faster than the competition. With 20% thinner walls, the cutter displaces less material for the same size hole, giving you fast, burr-free holes in anything from sheet metal to thick steel plate.Milwaukee’s proprietary high-speed steel with three hardness zones minimizes breakage and helps the bit last longer. It comes with a 3/4” Weldon shank, which is ideal for use with most small magnetic drill presses and large magnetic drill presses with the correct arbor.

30 day warranty on material and workmanship

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 1.1 × 1.1 × 2.25 cm


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