Scorpion TJ14 28,000 LB Capacity TRUCK SERVICE JACK


Scorpion TJ14, 28,000 Lb. Cap Floor Service Jack. The Scorpion Tj14 is a revolutionary floor service jack for the truck repair industry. 28,000 lb. Cap or 14 Ton.


  • air/hydraulic design, duel hydraulic cylinders
  • built in safety lock with air release
  • low, medium and high lift adapters
  • full floating caster system
  • three stage safety lock
  • telescoping tubular handle 5-9 FT
  • HD zinc plated components, powder paint frame


1. The Scorpion TJ14 lifts the whole front end or rear end in one go! A conventional jack you have to lift a corner at a time.

2. The Scorpion TJ14 is the only jack available with a built in three stage locking mechanism so there is no need for vehicle stands!

3. The Scorpion TJ14 is built to last and is made of the highest grade materials!


1. Increased through-put for your shop. The TJ14 lifts a truck in seconds! A conventional jacks and two stand takes 7-10 minutes!

2. Reduce employee fatigue and injuries. The TJ14 keeps your technicians off the floor as much as possible keeping them fresh and alert for the servicing of vehicles.

3. You preserve your hard earned money buy not throwing it away on jacks that don’t last.

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Additional information

Weight345 lbs
Dimensions35.5 × 30 × 17 cm


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