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3″ & 6″ ExtremeNonVac3/32

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3″ & 6″ ExtremeNonVac3/32

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The DynorbitalÆ Extreme boasts the greatest power and most consistent speed of any palm-style orbital sander. Power and speed combine to quickly and reliably produce the desired finish, while ergonomic features keep operators safe and comfortable throughout their day. Symmetrical design allows left or right-handed operators to work comfortably, while the compact size of the DynorbitalÆ Extreme fits naturally in most operatorís hands. The 3 Extreme is 35% lighter than either our 5î or 6î Extreme for reduced fatigue during extended usage. 3î Pad size helps focus the sanding in smaller targeted areas. 6 tool offersEXTREME POWER: New motor design has the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry, with 0.3 hp at 1.8 lbs. Most consistent speed under load in industry, running at 92% of rated tool speed. New rotor design enhances power with less friction.. Both tools are built for EXTREME COMFORT: Ergonomic design with integrated comfort platform for more wrist support and overall operator comfort. Soft grip co-molded to rigid composite base housing for maximum comfort and durability. Recessed throttle lever eliminates pinch and pressure points on an operator’s palm. Includes: ñ X32 – 3 Mini-DynorbitalÆ Extreme, Non-Vacuum. ñ X62H – 6 DynorbitalÆ Extreme w/flow control, Non-Vacuum. ñ 79867 – 3 Sandpaper (Pack of 25), Non-Vacuum. Expanded Grit Range includes: 80, 180, 320, 400 & 600.