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4 Head IR Lamp W Arm

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4 Head IR Lamp W Arm

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Short Wave IR Curing System increases productivity by reducing paint curing times and reduces energy costs For use with solventborne and waterborne paints Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) allows for fast set up and automatic regulation: Distance sensor emits audible tone for setting the proper distance from the panel Heat sensor automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the curing process Short Wave IR curing system: Reduces curing times of organic solvent based paint products Reduces drying times of water-based products Instant on/off – no warm-up or cool-down periods Dramatically less expensive to operate with better results Saves energy because drying can be focused on repaired area, not the entire vehicle Short Wave IR is different from other curing methods in many ways It dries and cures by penetrating through the wet coating and heating the layers underneath A bottom-up cure is superior to the top-down process associated with other curing methods in that it produces a more thorough cure, and more heat can be applied without fear of skinning and solvent popping Short Wave IR’s higher heating temperatures reduce cure times and improve quality The unique reflectors that envelop the lamps are specifically designed to direct all the energy from the lamps towards the vehicle Efficient Lamp Units: The high-temperature halogen lamps, unique reflector and lamp array are all positioned for absolutely uniform heat distribution over the largest curing area. In addition, individual lamps can be angled to more closely match the contours of the vehicle. Effortless Lamp Unit Adjustment: A gas cylinder locking allows an easy and effortless adjustment of the lamp unit Digital Adjustable Setup: Unlike many units which only offer half-power and full-power options, Spectratek provides variable power settings. This flexibility helps ensure optimum baking of more sensitive materials such as some plastics, composite materials, fiberglass, and treated metals 4KW (200V-240V)