8 Cylinder Formula 12pk


Engine Restore and Lubricant, Oil Additive Increases Compression, 8 Cylinder Formula, Case of 12

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Engine Restorer & Lubricant is a high performance oil additive that increases compression in older high-mileage engines. The unique CSL formula fills worn areas of the cylinder walls to reduce blow-by and restore compression to near original levels. Restoring cylinder compression improves combustion to increase horsepower, reduce oil burning, maximize fuel mileage and restore peak engine performance. In addition, it provides excellent EP lubrication to help protect engine components from excessive wear under severe operating conditions. Compatible with conventional or synthetic oil. Use at every oil change.

30 day warranty on material and workmanship

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Weight 17.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 11 cm


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