Adjustable Wrenches & Locking Pliers/Clamps Displa


Adjustable Wrenches and Locking Pliers / Clamps Display Assortment (Display Board NOT Included)

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Features and Benefits:

  • Well merchandised
  • Display includes adjustable wrenches from 4″ to 18″ and locking/clamping pliers from 5″ to 11″
  • Wrenches and pliers are etched with part number and brand
  • Less space used with greater coverage
  • New product displayed well
  • 13 piece Adjustable and Pipe Wrench Display Board includes 1 each of the following:

    KTI48004 4″ adjustable wrench, KTI48006 6″ adjustable wrench, KTI48008 8″ adjustable wrench,  KTI48010 10″ adjustable wrench, KTI48012 12″ adjustable, wrench,                KTI48015 15″ adjustable wrench, KTI48018 18″ adjustable wrench,  KTI58705 5″ locking plier curved jaws,  KTI58707 7″ locking plier curved jaws,  KTI58710 10″ locking plier curved jaws,
    KTI58717 7″ locking plier straight jaws,  KTI58809 9″ welding locking clamps, KTI58811 11″ locking c-clamp plier.

Sets & Kits do not have warranty/ see individual p

Additional information

Weight 20.5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8.5 × 4.5 cm


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