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Aluminum Wheel Set B-1860-CON-A-K

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Aluminum Wheel Set B-1860-CON-A-K

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1 Set Does 1 Axle | 6 Sleeves Per Set

Brake Drum Information

Diameter Hole: 1.28″

Hole Depth: 1/2″

Conmet: 107164, 107453, 107862, 107193, 10001780, 10001781, 1001783

Webb: 65547B, 61528B, 65167B, 61528B, 65548B, 65554B, 65710B, 65161B


TRU-BALANCE Solution B sleeves are for STEER WHEELS ONLY. We offer sleeve sets for different brake drums/wheels. We also offer discounts on 3 sets or more and a warranty as well.

Benefits Include:

 Stay On Wheels

 Sold In Sets Of 6 Per Axle

 Better Fuel Mileage

 Longer Tire Life

 Zinc Plated To Resist Corrosion

 Machined From Solid Steel Bar Stock

 Threaded Inside For Accurate Fit/Alignment

Applications Include:

 Aluminum/Steel Wheel Types

 Steer Axles


 10% off if you buy 3 sets or more.


 1 year from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials or workmanship.