Beta Tools 1128Bax-Electrician’S Scissors – 011280088


Beta Tools 1128Bax-Electrician’S Scissors – 011280088

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Beta Tools 1128Bax-Electrician'S Scissors – 011280088


  • Improved and longer lasting performance
  • Special cam on the fulcrum allows the blades to run lengthwise
  • Designed to enlarge holes on plastic, from 13 mm to 25 mm
  • DLC (diamond-like carbon) is an innovative carbon-based coating
  • High blade surface hardness (resistance to abrasion and wear)
  • Low coefficient of friction (smoothness and anti-adherence)
  • Anti-loose eccentric pin
  • Large handles with pipe throttling grooves
  • With articulated plastic case
  • Patented
  • L=150mm, L1=50mm, Tube=50mm²
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan


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