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Clutch Service Set

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Clutch Service Set

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Clutch Service Set Here’s an ideal companion set to the No. 5015 clutch handler. Designed for Spicer heavy-duty clutches, the nine tools in this set help with a variety of jobs, from clutch installation and removal to flywheel drive-pin installation to clutch adjustment. Includes handy plastic carrying case. kit contents: 5044 Self-adjust clutch rotating tool. Rotates adjusting ring. 5045 Flywheel drive pin installing tool. Aligns and installs drive pins in 14 heavy-duty truck pot-type flywheels. 5046 Clutch release tool. Removes shipping blocks from between clutch housing and release bearing. 7028 Adjusting wrench. For internal adjustment of multiple lever and angle-spring clutches. 7073A Clutch alignment tool. 1-3/4 O.D. 7074A Clutch alignment tool. 2 O.D. 213013 Pair of 3/8 flywheel to clutch guide pins. 213014 Pair of 7/16 flywheel to clutch guide pins. 213015 Hex key wrench.