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Coolant Management System : Change Coolant Fast!

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Coolant Management System : Change Coolant Fast!

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The KL34000 comes with two unique adapters that use standard shop air to create regulated pressure and a powerful vacuum. The regulated pressure forces the coolant out of the entire system quickly into the 20 gallon tank. After the coolant is out, closing a single valve allows for a pressure test to be performed, diagnosing the integrity of the system. After all the necessary repairs are made, the pressure module is swapped out for the vacuum module. The vacuum creates negative pressure throughout the cooling system drawing the coolant through the entire system from the bottom-up. This eliminates the possibility of air pockets forming in the EGR cooler.

System Features

  • Reduces the time required to drain and refill heavy truck, agriculture, or construction diesel engine cooling systems.
  • Prevents unwanted mixing of coolant types
  • Reduces spills and waste
  • Easily moves between work stations and work sites
  • Universal fitment for almost any model coolant system, including Trucks, Tractors, and Construction Equipment.


  • Regulated pressure using shop air forces coolant out of the entire system quickly into a sealed 20 gallon tank.

Pressure Test

  • Find leaks in your system fast! Watch the video to see how closing a single valve and watching for a pressure drop can help eliminate coolant leakage.


  • Eliminate air lock by drawing the coolant from the bottom up
  • 50 Mesh filter at the top of the tank eliminates contaminants
  • Fill your coolant system fast



  • KL34001 – 20 Gallon Tank and Cart Assembly, Qty 1
  • KL34009 – Pressure Regulator/Vacuum Handle Unit, Qty 1
  • KL34010 – 15′ Clear Hose Assembly, Qty 1
  • KL34008 – Radiator Cap Adapter Kit, Qty 1

Other Parts

  • KL34005 – 24″ Quick Connect Ext. for Cap Adapter
  • KL34011 – Female 1/4″ Flush Face Coupler
  • KL34007 – Male Flush Face Quick Connect Nipple
  • KL34013 – Volvo Reservoir Cap Adapter