Counter Bore Re-Conditioning Tool Kit :: KL50000


Machine all Counter bore Surfaces in a Fraction of the Time!

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Machine all Counter bore Surfaces in a Fraction of the Time!

The K-Line® 50000 Counter Bore Cutting Tool is a precision instrument designed to re-surface the counter bore ledge and provide the correct cylinder liner protrusion for the engine cylinder liner.

  • No special bases required.
  • The procedure can be performed with the engine in or out of the chassis.
  • Does not require the operator to apply any downward force. Spring Plungers located in the Base Assembly apply all the downward pressure that the tool requires.
  • No power tools required. Tool rotation is done by hand only.
  • Set the tool one time and resurface all counter bores for the entire engine block.
  • Patented: U.S. Patent No. 8.308.401 ; Canada Patent No. 2667147
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 KL50001A  Base Assembly 1
 KL50008  Bolt Standoffs 1
 KL50000-2  Stop Collar 1
 KL50000-6  T-Handle Allen Wrench 1
 KL50000-8  Foam Plugs for Cutter 3
 KL50009  Spacer 8
 AT50000-12  Shim Set 4


Replacement Parts:

 AT50000-12  Set of 4 Shims
 AT50001A-6  Carbide Insert
 AT50001A-7  Insert Screw for KL50001A-6


Cutter Assemblies Available

For The Following Engines:

 KL50001  International/Navistar DT466, DT530, DT570, & HT570
 KL50003  Detroit Diesel Series 60
 KL50004  CAT 3400 Series, C-15, C-16, C-18, C-27, C-32 and Navistar 15 L
 KL50005  Cummins ISX 150mm
 KL50006  CUMMINS NT/NH, N14
 KL50007  International/Navistar MAXXFORCE 11L/13L BIG BORE
 KL50011  CAT C-10, C-11, C-12, C-13
 KL50012  CAT 3306
 KL50013  Cummins ISX 152mm
 KL50014  Volvo D11
 KL50015  Cummins ISC
 KL50016   Cummins ISL/PACCAR PX9
 KL50017   Cummins ISM
 KL50018   Detroit Diesel 13L
 KL50019   Detroit Diesel 15L & 16L
 KL50020   PACCAR MX11
 KL50021   PACCAR MX13
 KL50022   Cummins ISX12
 KL50023   Deutz 912 & 913

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