DeoxIT® SHIELD Squeeze Tube 2 ml


Specially formulated compound protects electrical connections, improves harness life, and prevents electrical failure


Clean and Protect Electrical Connections.

DeoxIT® Shield is a great addition to use with DeoxIT® Cleaner in the fight against electrical corrosion. The specially formulated DeoxIT® Shield forms a protective barrier on freshly cleaned connections to prevent further issues. Already suggested by many factory service manuals, DeoxIT® is the industry-leading solution for cleaning and maintaining electrical connections.


  • Lubricates and protects connections
  • Use after DeoxIT® Cleaner for long-term protection
  • For severe environments
  • Use On: terminals, ABS, Input/Output sensors, E.C.U. connectors, battery, pins and plugs, horns, connections, fuel injectors, fuses, ribbon cable connections, tail and head light connections, relays, air flow meters, audio and video connections, and many more.

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