Drew Tech Break Out Box for J1939 Testing and Engineering


The breakout box you need for Heavy-Duty is here. If you work on J1939 9-pin Deutsch based vehicle systems, you will have to have one of these in your toolbox, or two!


The J1939 Breakout Box allows multiple tools to be connected to a vehicle’s data buses to support vehicle integration testing, logging, or debugging.  It is extremely useful in troubleshooting connection and or messaging problems.

The ultimate J1939 9-pin Deutsch Breakout Box:

  • Switched vehicle power allows easy reboot of all connected devices.
  • Switches to apply 120 Ohm terminating resistors for all 3 CAN channels (C/D, H/J, F/G).
  • Two J1939 Type I receptacles allows Type I or Type II cables to be connected simultaneously.
  • Two J1939 Type II plugs allows connection to Type I or Type II vehicle receptacles.
  • Banana plug receptacles to provide access to all signals from the Deutsch 9-pin connector.


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