DrivePro Scan Tool & Technical Support Service


DrivePro Scan Tool & Technical Support Service

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Features & Benefits:

  • DrivePro makes diagnosing and repair of modern vehicle faster than ever before
  • Industry leading diagnostics for fast and reliable fault detection of Domestic, European and Asian branded vehicles
  • 100+ Brand specific well experienced technicians at your service, through the phone and through the device
  • DIFM services such as vehicle re-programming and coding available through the device
  • Turn more bays, accept more jobs and learn by working with our experienced Technical Support Staff

We have an excellent diagnostic tool and an experienced technical support team.  This helps you turn more bays, accept more jobs and learn by utilizing our experienced technical support staff.

Vehicles are becoming more complicated with more subsystems, modules and sophisticated electronics.  That combined with the already complex vehicles that are on the road today, make it necessary to employ more service information, tools and if at all possible – experienced technical staff.  It’s difficult for any shop to have a wide array of brand specific technicians, but our tool and service give you just that. 

Tool:  We have a sophisticated diagnostic tool with industry-leading diagnostic capabilities showing live values, bi-di controls and service functions – which you use yourself, but is also a tool through which our technical support can help you by virtually with you, by using diagnostics, cameras and more.

Service:  We have more than 100 Brand specific technicians each of whom have worked in their specific brand OEM dealership for many years.  Once the technician receives your electronic service request call, including scans, pictures and your information, the call is routed to the right technician who reviews and prepares – then calls you ready to help.

This is an exciting product that can help you repair more vehicles per month, minimize diagnostic time, and learn more by working with experts.  Please look at this new diagnostic tool and support service for you and your customers.

1 yr warranty on material and workmanship

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 cm


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