DSG Funnel Kit

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  • The DSG Funnel Kit is an inexpensive fill tool for the DSG (6 speed) and 02J (5 Speed) transmissions.
  • For the 02J (5 speed) transmission this screws into the side fill port on the 02J transmission for easy fluid filling. For DSG transmissions, this tool allows you to refill the transmission with fluid using the factory method of bottom filling.
  • Bottom fill also allows you to follow the factory procedure for setting the fluid level. To use the tool, simply screw in the DSG adapter to the drain port, and then attach the hose and the funnel.  The heavy duty large funnel fits a full liter of DSG fluid and has a built in mesh screen to prevent debris from falling into it.
  • The tool is comparable with the factory tool #VAS6262, but with a funnel rather than a bottle adapter. Fits all VW and Audi models with a DSG transmission.

Lifetime warranty does not cover abuse

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Weight1.05 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 6.5 cm


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