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Dual Head UV Lamp w/ Arm

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Dual Head UV Lamp w/ Arm

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Spectratek UV lamps meet or exceed the highest international standards for performance and safety. They are designed and built in North America for use worldwide on all current ultraviolet light curable fillers, base coats (primers), top coats, and clear coatings on: metal (including aluminum), wood, glass, plastic, concrete and composites. Spectratek UV systems: Provide uniform curing over the widest areas Are faster than other curing methods Generate no heat on the work surface Utilize less energy Provide opportunities to reduce production costs Efficient Lamp Units Lamp arrays with unique reflectors are all positioned for uniform radiation over the largest possible curing area. In addition, individual lamp heads may be angled to more closely match the contour of the work piece. Effortless Lamp Unit Adjustment: Locking gas cylinders on models UVM3480 & UVM34160 allow easy adjustment of lamp array height. Easy Control: with individual OFF-ON switches and timer Automatically turns off when the cure cycle is completed Other features include: Fast, easy setup Lightweight, maneuverable lamp stands Rugged, durable construction Limited 2 years warranty Adjustable lamp arrays Bulb life performance meter Cooling fans in each head to extend bulb life Special UVB & UVC filtering tempered safety glass Locking rear casters Power Input: 230V Amperage: 6.8A Lamp Wattage: 2 X 400W (800W) Lamp dimensions: 61î X 62îX 38î Curing Area: 32î X 24î Rating: IP30