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Duel Wheel C-5002-GSS

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Duel Wheel C-5002-GSS

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Centers Wheel/Brake Drum

Wheel Size: 19.50″/22.50″/24.50″ | Stud Size: 22mm | Hole Size: 1.053″/1.063″


1 Set Does 1 Axle | 6 Sleeves Per Set


 1 set of 6 C-2342-GS

 ~Brake Drum/Inner Wheel

 1 set of 6 C-1600-SS

 ~Outer Wheel

Brake Drum Information:

Diameter Hole: 1″

Hole Depth: 1/2:

Conmet: 10001776

Gunite: 3753AX, 3600A, 3771X, 3402X, 9006X, 3807X

Webb: 66864B, 61950B, 66834F, 66889B

1st Sleeve Centers Brake Drum/Inner Wheel

The C-5000 Series and comes in many different configurations including some that offer brake drum centering.

These sleeves also stay on the wheel stud permanently and both pieces are used at the 12, 4 and 8 oclock positions.

One set includes six sleeves for the inner wheel and brake drum (if applicable) and six sleeves for the outer wheel (use three sleeves per wheel).

2nd Sleeve Centers Outer Wheel

Benefits Include:

 Two Piece System Allows For Easier Install/Removal

 For Dual Aluminum/Steel Wheels

 Stay On Wheels

 Sold In Sets Of 6 Per Axle

 Better Fuel Mileage

 Longer Tire Life

 Zinc Plated To Resist Corrosion

 Machined From Solid Steel Bar Stock

Applications Include:

 Aluminum/Steel Wheel Types

 Steer/Drive Axles


 10% off if you buy 3 sets or more.


 1 year from date of purchase to be free of defects in materials or workmanship.