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Fan Clutch Impact Wrench

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Fan Clutch Impact Wrench

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For use on certain MaxxForce 11L and 13L Engines.

Use the KL5013NAV 55mm Fan Clutch Wrench to loosen or tighten the fan drive hub nut. Force can be applied to the end of the bar either by attaching an air hammer, or by attaching the included cap and striking with a standard hammer or mallet.

DO NOT use a hammer or any other impact tool to tighten fan drive to fan hub shaft during re-assembly. Doing so may cause thread damage.

DO NOT apply any leverage force to the bar other than direct straight force to the end of the bar. Doing so will put force on non-load bearing parts of the tool.


  • MaxxForce 11L Engines
  • MaxxForce 13L Engines