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Flex Mount Wireless Charger

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Flex Mount Wireless Charger

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Simple and Easy to Use. Press the ìopenî button to release the quick-adjust arms. Place the device on the charging base and press the arms back in, securing your device. Versatile 3-in-1 Mounting. All flex mount accessories are included to conveniently mount the charging unit to your vehicleís dash, windshield, or vents. Dash/Windshield Mount. It has a locking sticky gel-pad suction cup, an adjustable base, and a fully articulated, swivel head. Vent Mount. There is rotating head and quick- connect clip for easy and stable mounting. Charging Base. Dual, adjustable arms with EVA foam pads quickly adapt the charging base to secure nearly any device and allow for one-handed use. Qi-Enabled. Charging of your device begins instantly when it is placed on the base, with power being supplied by the vehicleís USB port.