Grandview Black 9 Pin to Green 9 Pin J1939 CAN500 Converter


If your datalink adapter currently has a “black” end on the 9-pin cable and not a “green” 9-pin connector, you won’t be able to connect to any trucks 2016 & newer. This converter cable will fix that! It allows you to turn your black 9-pin connector into a green 9-pin. However, please make sure that your current RP1210 datalink adapter can handle the CAN500 network speed!

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This device has been tested and working with:

  • Cummins Inline 6 Adapter
  • Cummins Inline 5 Adapter
  • Nexiq USB Link
  • DG DPA5
  • Noregon DLA 2.0+
  • Grandview Vehicle Network Bridge
  • … and works with many others!

Product Description

This compact adapter easily converts the Blue or Black 9-Pin connector on your data link adapter cable to the Green 9-Pin connector in your vehicle. ​Made with a genuine Deutsch connectors and over-molded construction this is a quality adapter.


  • Connects Blue or Black 9-Pin Deutsch on the datalink cable to the Green 9-pin Deutsch vehicle connector
  • Supports CAN1 and CAN2
  • Compact, durable design


  • Grandview Engineering Solutions Datalink Adapter Cable DB15M/9-Pin Deutsch
  • Grandview Engineering Solutions Datalink Adapter Cable DB25F/9-Pin Deutsch
  • Cummins DB25F/9-pin data link cable (P/N 4919780)

Replacement Parts

This connector is a compatible replacement for the following part:

  • Cummins Inline to 2016 Engine Connector (P/N 1428559)


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