Grandview Universal J1939 CAN3 to CAN1 Crossover Adapter Cable


Normally engine datalink traffic appears on the CAN1 channel. However, starting in 2016, certain configurations of trucks have the engine datalink traffic on CAN3. For the equipment listed below, you will need this connector in order to move the traffic from CAN3 to CAN1 so that you software can properly read the engine.

  • 2016 & Newer Peterbilts
  • 2016 & Newer Kenworths
  • 2016 & Newer Volvo with Cummins Engin
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This tool will work with every manufacturer of datalinks, including:

  • Nexiq – USB Link original and USB Link 2
  • DG Tech – DPA5 and DPA5 Plus
  • Noregon – DLA 2.0+
  • DrewTech – DrewLinQ & TVIT
  • Cummins – Inline 5, 6, & 7
  • CAT – Comm III
  • … and many more!

Product Description

This compact adapter easily converts the Green 9-Pin connector in your vehicle to the Black 9-Pin connector on your data link adapter cable. ​Made with a genuine Deutsch connectors and over-molded construction this is a quality adapter.
Several older model datalink adapters only support a single CAN data bus at 250K. However, the 2017 vehicles have increased the speed on CAN1 from 250k to 500k rendering your old datalink adapters worthless.  Our connector allows old CAN1 250k datalink adapters to still communicate with 2017 vehicles by crossing over the CAN1 data lines to CAN3 on the vehicle.


  • Extend the useful life of your single CAN datalink adapter to 2017 vehicles and beyond
  • Connects Black 9-Pin Deutsch on the datalink adapter cable to the Green 9-pin Deutsch vehicle connector
  • Supports crossover for CAN3 (vehicle) to CAN1 (PC) and CAN2 to CAN2 pass through
  • Compact, durable design


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