Heavy Duty Technician’s Kit


Features a variety of popular tools used for servicing driveline, steering and brake components on class 7 and 8 trucks and buses.

Items in Kit

  • 10102 Heavy Duty Universal Joint Puller
  • 10201 Bearing Cup Installer – Traditional Bolt Retained
  • 10301 7/8″ Tie Rod End Remover
  • 10406 Manual Slack Adjuster Puller
  • 10501 Brake Clevis Pin Press

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U-Joint Puller: 10102

CAUTION: Failure to check the spherical thrust washer and replace as necessary may result in unrepairable damage to your U-Joint Puller glove casting. Preventative maintenance as outlined above will ensure many years of use from your Tiger Tool puller. Failure to perform preventative maintenance will void your warranty.

  1. Remove all fasteners from bearing cups.
  2. Slip the U-Joint Puller over the yoke of the driveline.
  3. Turn the tool’s forcing screw clockwise with either an air or hand wrench. (Note: reverse thread)
  4. Once bearing cup has been removed, repeat the process on the remaining bearing cups.
  5. The 10102 U-Joint Puller may be used with up to a 1″ impact wrench without voiding warranty.

Preventative Maintenance: Keep forcing screw clean and lubricated at all times. Failure to maintain the spherical thrust washer located inside the glove will result in excessive wear to the part. Check and lubricate this part (lubricate load bearing surface in glove, under cap, on both sides of spherical washer) periodically and replace as necessary. Contact your Dealer or Tiger Tool for replacement washers. (We recommend SAE 30 lube for the threads and EP ‘with molly grease’)

Bearing Cup Installer: 10201

  1. Ensure all parts to be assembled are clean and/or greased where applicable.
  2. Double check all needle bearings are present and placed correctly.
  3. Start pressing bearing cup into yoke by hand, making sure the U-Joint cross and bearing cup bolt holes line up.
  4. Place installer onto bearing cup, threading bolts into the yoke.
  5. Using an impact or hand wrench, turn forcing screw until cup is flush to yoke.
  6. Remove tool, and install bearing cup bolts.

Tie Rod End Remover: 10301

  1. Remove any original nuts and/or cotter pins from parts to be separated.
  2. Select correct tool according to thread size of tie rod.
  3. Spin the tool completely onto the threaded arm.
  4. Back tool off one complete turn.
  5. Strike the remover with a hammer; tie rod will become loose.
  6. Remove tool and part to be removed will drop off.

Manual Slack Adjuster Puller: 10406

  1. Threads must be clean and well lubricated at all times. Do not use over 1⁄2″ impact wrench—doing so will void warranty.
  2. Remove clevis from the end of the slack adjuster with the Tiger Tool 10501 Brake Clevis Pin Press.
  3. With the forcing screw backed fully out, slip the puller onto the slack adjuster.
  4. Turn the forcing screw by hand or with an impact wrench.
  5. Slack adjuster will drop off when free.

Rockwell Slack Adjuster Puller: 10501

Threads must be clean and well lubricated at all times. Do not use over a 1⁄2” impact wrench—doing so will void warranty.

  1. Back out the forcing screw.
  2. Pull back the spring-loaded plunger and slip the tool over the clevis pin.
  3. Turn forcing screw by hand or with an impact wrench; the tool will shear the cotter pin.
  4. Once the pin is free of the clevis, back out the forcing screw and remove the tool.


With all the care, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Tiger Tool product, you can be sure you’re choosing a product that’s built to last and engineered to perform. Tiger Tool offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on castings, two years on machined or threaded parts and one year warranty on hydraulic components.


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