5in. 180 Grit Flex Engine Cylinder Hone

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Features and Benefits:

  • For any type and size of cylinder the FLEX-HONE process (Superfinishing) produces a controlled surface condition unobtainable by any other method. It involves finish, geometry and metallurgical structure. A high percentage plateau free of cut, torn and folded metal (with radiused ports). A resilient, flexible, honing tool with a soft cutting action. The abrasive (points) globules each have independent suspension that assures the Flex-Hone to be self-centering, self-centering to the bore, and self-compensating for wear. Specifically, it is a low-temperature abrading process that exposes the undisturbed base metal structure to produce a longwearing surface. It is a method of developing a surface on a metal part which is optically smooth and metallurgically free of any fragmented, amorphous or smeared metal from previous operations. It is accomplished at a low pressure where the in.stones in. float. See and read the various booklets of actual tests covering almost every situation that will ensure a superior performance in situations depending on surface finish. The particular type of Flex-Hone crosshatch is extremely efficient in providing a multiplicity of oil grooves or valleys for oil retention as opposed to the often unidirectional or uneven valleys common to the conventional type rigid hone. A crosshatch that usually remains as the cylinder wall has been wear-reduced by the Flex-Hone.
  • The Flex-Hone Tool is a resilient, flexible honing tool used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder. It is comprised of abrasive globules laminated onto the ends of flexible nylon filaments. Its unique construction allows the tool to be self-aligning, self-centering and self-compensating for wear. The tool provides the benefit of removing loose, torn and folded metal and creating a substantial flat or plateau surface. An additional important application for the Flex-Hone Tool is burr removal from cross-drilled holes and slots. The Flex-Hone is designed for a variety of automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial applications in sizes from 4mm – 36′. The plateau finish achieved by the tool will provide better oil retention and sealing surfaces without changing bore geometry. Brush Research Manufacturing embraced the benefits of plateau finish and pioneered the concept of plateau honing, culminating in the introduction of the Flex-Hone Tool in 1972. The Flex-Hone Tool was originally created to deglaze cylinder walls in automotive applications and has gained many nicknames over the years including ball hones, flexihone, dingleberry hone, bead brush, glaze breaker, and glaze buster.
  • In general, when operating, always have the tool rotating before entering the bore and direction of revolutions should not change while inside the piece. To avoid damage to the tool and maintain operation safety, do not run the tool at high speeds while unsupported outside of the intended bore. Do not apply a side load to the shank or stem and do not exceed manufacturer’s recommendation for speed of rotation. Speed should be reduced on entry and exit of the intended bore to avoid any oscillation which may compromise the integrity of the shank or stem. Always use with ample lubricant or honing oil, do not use solvents.
  • Brush Research (BRMGBD5) 5in. 180 Grit Flex Engine Cylinder Hone.

    90 day warranty on material and workmanship

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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