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JDI-050EV Brake Fluid Exchanger

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JDI-050EV Brake Fluid Exchanger

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The JDI-050EV makes brake bleeding clean and simple using compressed air and a venturi vacuum system. It makes removing old fluid from the master cylinder and replacing with new a single person job. It can also be used to evacuate a variety of other fluids from vehicles or small engines. Includes a bleeding tube and fluid refill bottle. 2-quart capacity reservoir (2.0l) Compressed air/venturi operation Heavy-duty polyethylene construction Chemical resistant Air inlet quick coupler Air on/off valve Muffler for quiet operation Convenient carry handle Automatic stop to prevent overfill Includes bleeding tube (No. CJ-201) and refill bottle (CJ-203) Optional CJ-006 extractor tube set available Full color retail packaging