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Konfort 760R R1234yf AC Machine

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Konfort 760R R1234yf AC Machine

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  • Fully automatic R1234yf Management
  • Best in class 10” touchscreen allows for intuitive and fast operation
  • Innovative dual-stage vacuum pump and large compressor allows for the fastest operation in the industry
  • Reports can be printed via WiFi or an optional thermal printer
  • Automatic refrigerant and contamination detection prevents damage to your investment
  • Monitor machine status from anywhere in the shop via mobile app
  • Integrated vehicle capacity database
  • Automatic maintenance alarm and simple filter access means less downtime
  • Remote technical support and training through TeamViewer
  • Charging accuracy +/- 15g
  • Highly efficient refrigerant recovery of over 97% means less waste of expensive refrigerant
  • Automatic management of non-condensable gasses
  • 20 lb. refrigerant tank
  • Multi-Language software