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Max Fuse Buddy Kit

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Max Fuse Buddy Kit

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Now a Fuse Buddy tester for Maxi fuse circuits! Fuse Buddy Maxi can test up to 80 AMPS. There are numerous Heavy Duty & Automotive applications. With supplied adapters, #315 can also work with MINI and ATC circuits. Easy access to measure amperage draws in MAXI, MINI & ATC circuits Can measure up to 80 Amps DC on MAXI fuse circuits MAXI test applications include: Anti-Lock Brake Circuits Car Stereo Circuits Power Distribution Circuits Branch Circuits Rear Window Defogger Circuits Solar Power DC Branch Circuits Traction Control Circuits Solar Charge Controller Circuits Heavy Duty Equipment Ciruits Fire Engine Water Pumps Features Unit PEAK HOLD and DATA HOLD functions Deluxe LCD display features full ANALOG BAR GRAPH Resolution: .1A (100 mA) – Accuracy: +2% of reading Measurement range: 0 to 80 Amps / 48 Volts DC Includes one 20 Amp MAXI fuse for use with MINI & ATC circuit testing