Mid Range A/C Service-Hybrid Certified


Mid Range A/C service-Hybrid Certified

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Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • 4.3" Color Touch Screen
  • Hybrid Certified and has integrated Hose Flush
  • ECO LOCK Couplers
  • 2 year parts & labor warranty

ArcticPRO ACX1150H for Refrigerant R134A. The ArcticPRO® ACX1150H services R134a applications. Equipped to accomodate hybrid vehicles, the ACX1150H contains a high-performance vacuum pump that saves 4 minutes, compared to the service times of a double-capacity pump. And to ensure maximum uptime, the vacuum pump is self-cleaning, requiring less maintenance. Controlled by a 4.3” color touch screen, the ACX1150H is easy to use for faster input, improving the response time for users in your shop.  Controlled by a 4.3” color, touch screen. ECO LOCK QUICK COUPLERS. Engineered to prevent gas dispersion into the environment. Automatic air purge maximizes efficiency, speed and ease of control process.  Tool tray allows you to easily store and organize your tools. Reliable and high-quality vehicle database included for latest A/C service information. ERGONOMIC-FRIENDLY. Designed with unobstructed accessibility for easy maintenance.

2 yr warranty on material and workmanship

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