Nexiq Universal PLC Adapter for Trailers


If you want to read ABS codes on a trailer without a laptop, you need this tool!

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  • Detect ABS warning lamp messages coming from the trailer ECU.
  • Test the in-cab trailer ABS warning lamp.
  • Test SAE J1708 MID 10 and 11 messages and J1587 MIDs 136 through 139.

You can connect the Universal J560 PLC Adapter to a vehicle between the tractor and the trailer, or to the trailer alone without the tractor.

The Universal J560 PLC Adapter can be used with virtually any heavy-duty vehicle communication interface (VCI) or scan tool, including the following NEXIQ Technologies™ products:

  • USB-Link 2 PN 124032
  • USB-Link Original PN 125032
  • WVL2 PN 129048
  • NEXIQ Pro-Link iQ™ PN 188001
  • NEXIQ Pocket iQ™ PN 181080

This tool works in conjuction with ABS software for your PC, Pocket IQ,  or Pro-Link IQ. That software is not included with this listing.

NOTE: This tool requires power to it as well. If you do NOT have a 7-way plug that can provide power from a battery, please purchase part # 424001 from us as well.


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