PSF Plus 6 gal. Premium Tire Puncture Sealant

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Features & Benefits:

  • Can be used in low speed and high speed applications
  • Helps maintain air pressure resulting in improved fuel efficiency and tire wear
  • If a puncture occurs, thousands of PSF Plus® fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air
  • PSF Plus® keeps working at extreme conditions of tire speed and temperature and remains liquid at -30°F
  • PSF Plus® seals most tire punctures up to ¼” in diameter

PSF Plus is a premium puncture sealant that can be used in a wide range of applications and temperatures.  It is a lab-tested and field-proven liquid tire sealant that quickly and effectively seals punctures up to 1/4″ diameter.  In addtion to its puncture sealing capabilities it will protect the wheel/rim from rust and help maintain tire pressure.

PSF Plus® is a lab-tested and field-proven liquid tire sealant that protects your tires from punctures up to ¼” in diameter. The proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors, polymers, and fibers helps maintain tire air pressure while it protects tire rims from rust. PSF Plus® can be used in all puncture sealant applications. PSF Plus® is non-flammable up to 300°F, nonhazardous, non-toxic and contains no ethylene glycol. PSF Plus® cleans up easily with soap and water.

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Weight53 lbs
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