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Pitman Arm Puller-Medium Duty

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Pitman Arm Puller-Medium Duty

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The ESCO Pitman Arm Puller (Model 40321) is designed to remove difficult pitman arms on most medium-duty pitman arms on medium-duty trucks, transportation buses, and other vehicles. Manufactured out of a heavy-duty quality steel casting to withstand high capacity pulling and rigorous usage out in the field in all conditions.

  • Maximum glove opening of 3.5 inches and 3 inches high.
  • Eliminate dangerous hammering or cutting torch methods.
  • Can be used with up to a ½ inch air impact wrench, hand ratchet, or breaker bar.
  • Designed to be used on most class 3-5 trucks and equipment (commonly used vehicle types: Chevy 3500/5500, Dodge Ram 3500/5500, Ford F-350 / 550, Isuzu, and NPR).
  • Guaranteed to easily remove even the most stubborn pitman arms on steering boxes for medium-duty trucks, school buses, and other vehicles with a nut release pitman arm.
  • Made of high-quality heavy-duty steel capable of withstanding rigorous and daily use in shop environments.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty