Pneumatic Bits Display Assortment (Display Board N


Pneumatic Bits Display Assortment (Display Board NOT Included)

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Features and Benefits:

  • Great coverage
  • Most popular pneumatic bits
  • Etched with part number and brand
  • Well merchandised
  • Includes:  Hooks, printed overlay, overlay fasteners

Display Board with a variety of Pneumatic Bits. 18 different bits, with a total of 27 pieces including the following:

(1) KTI81900 4 piece pneumatic bit set
(1) KTI81956 double cut body ripper
(2) KTI81958 slotted panel cutter
(2) KTI81959 sheet metal trimmer
(1) KTI81968 tail pipe cutoff
(2) KTI81972 6″ cold chisel
(1) KTI81973 8″ cold chisel                                                         (1) KTI81974 10″ cold chisel
(2) KTI81975 rivet and bolt cutter
(1) KTI81976 scraper                                                                  (1) KTI81977 taper punch sharp point
(2) KTI81979 3/8″ taper punch
(1) KTI81982 hammer                                                                (1) KTI81986 18″ cold chisel
(1) KTI81995 tie rod separator-pneumatic
(1) KTI81996 ball joint separator-pneumatic
(2) KTI81997 1/8″ taper punch
(2) KTI83091 spring retainer for air tools
(1) KTI83092 safety chuck
(1) KTI83093 quick coupler retainer

Sets & Kits do not have warranty/ see individual p

Additional information

Weight 15.35 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 24 × 6 cm


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