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PowerSocket™, 21mm

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PowerSocket™, 21mm

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The Ingersoll Rand PowerSocketô is a revolutionary solution to bust through the most stubborn bolts The patent-pending power ring design provides up to 50% more reverse torque to get real work done The PowerSocketô eliminates the need for a larger tool, providing time-saving power and versatility to increase your productivity The patent-pending design creates increased reverse torque up to 50% on Ωî impact wrenches to tackle the toughest jobs Eliminating downtime and the need for complicated bolt removal techniques allows you to get more work done in less time The PowerSocketô fits on any Ωî impact wrench reducing the need for additional tools to do your job The PowerSocketô typically removes the fastener after just a few blows, which helps limit additional wear on the tool in comparison to longer runtimes with a standard socket Plus, it does not require physical exertion on the part of the user Tested to an Ingersoll Rand level of reliability, the product can be trusted time and time again