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Premium Lube Trolley Packag, Oil

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Premium Lube Trolley Packag, Oil

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  • Enables portable oil or grease dispensing from drums
  • Designed for convenience and portability, Lincoln’s premium lube trolley package comes complete with all components needed for dispensing oil or grease directly from 55-gallon (208 I) or 400-pound (181 Kg) drums
  • The lube trolley is suitable for servicing a full range of vehicles, as well as industrial and machinery processes
  • Available packages include a pneumatically operated Lincoln pump for oil or grease, a durable hose reel, metering device, air control with filter/regulator/gauge and connection hoses and fittings
  • Lube trolley advantages
  • Packaged product with all necessary components
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Ability to dispense lubricant directly from 55-gallon (208 I)(oil) or 400lb (181kg) (grease) drums
  • Easily maneuverable on uneven surfaces in shop or factory
  • Makes dispensing possible with installed overhead reels or bench tanks
  • SKF and Lincoln resources ensure maximum reliability and lowest cost of ownership