Premium Tech Tool (PTT) Volvo Mack Annual Updates Renewal


For customers that have previously purchased Premium Tech Tool (PTT) for either Mack, Volvo, or Combo (Mack & Volvo), this item is for the optional annual renewal.


This annual renewal entitles you to the following for another 12 months:

  • Software updates
  • Technical support from both Tech Tool and Diesel Laptops
  • Advanced diagnostic features suc has Guided Diagnostics
  • Ability to pull down truck information from Central Systems

Please note that this item takes 2-3 days for Volvo to process. They will also mail you a copy of the software on USB drive, as they have discontinued using DVDs.

If you have not previously purchased this software, you would either need to purchase it in a complete kit, or look at purchasing the software individually.


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