Premium Tech Tool (UD Trucks) PTT Diagnostic Software


Premium Tech Tool is the OEM software that dealers use to communicate with UD. This gives you all functionality including parameter changing, injector cut-out tests, and all system related functional tests (Such as EGR, turbo, accelerator position, etc…)


This software comes with 12 months of technical support (For problems with the software only, does not include diesel engine troubleshooting) and connectivity to the Volvo Central Systems. After 12 months you lose this connectivity, however, the program will still function and operate like normal. This connectivity is not required for the program, it just means you won’t be getting the latest information. You will have the option to purchase the annual maintenance to continue past the 12 months.

NOTE: This license is for UD Trucks (2011 & Newer) only.

This software program is only available to USA customers. We must submit each registration request to Volvo for approval, and this typically takes 1-2 weeks. You will receive a unique Client ID, login, and password with each license purchased once approved by Volvo.

You will receive the most current version (Currently v2.05.xx as of November 2016) on CD, along with your Client ID, login, password, and Partner ID for technical support.

Works with Diesel Explorer

This Heavy and Medium Duty Diagnostic Software allows you to…

  • Easily see every DTC
  • Get information on components
  • View live parameters
  • View trip data
  • Generate reports and more!


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