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Radial Run-Out Gauge RRG-1940-1

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Radial Run-Out Gauge RRG-1940-1

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There are many benefits to using the TRU-BALANCE Radial Run-Out Gauge. On top of the added knowledge of how trucks are operating on the open road, you will learn the following:

 Stand w/ Analog Indicator

 Measures vehicle vibration sensitivity

 Measures out of round condition of tire

 Pinpoints high or low spots in the tire

 Determines accurate centering of tire and wheel mounting

 Unique roller design accomodates aggressive treads

 Saves on labor costs by reducing diagnostic and repair time

 Easy to use (only 2 adjustments)

 Comes complete with stand and analog dial indicator

Options Include:

 Head Unit Assembly (Wide/Narrow)

 Gauges (Analog/Digital)

 Shafts (Multiple Lengths)