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Radial Run-Out Gauge RRG-1940-2

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Radial Run-Out Gauge RRG-1940-2

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There are many benefits to using the TRU-BALANCE Radial Run-Out Gauge. On top of the added knowledge of how trucks are operating on the open road, you will learn the following:

Stand w/ Digital Indicator

  • Measures vehicle vibration sensitivity
  • Measures out of round condition of tire
  • Pinpoints high or low spots in the tire
  • Determines accurate centering of tire and wheel mounting
  • Unique roller design accommodates aggressive treads
  • Saves on labor costs by reducing diagnostic and repair time
  • Easy to use (only 2 adjustments)
  • Comes complete with stand and digital indicator

Options Include:

  • Head Unit Assembly (Wide/Narrow)
  • Gauges (Analog/Digital)
  • Shafts (Multiple Lengths)