Refrigerant Leak Detector with UV Light


Refrigerant Leak Detector with UV Light

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Features and Benefits:

  • Works with all refrigerants
  • Certified SAEJ2791 for R134a and SAEJ2913 for HFO1234yf
  • E-MOS sensor designed to work 500 plus hours with no loss of sensitivity
  • True UV light will work with all dyes
  • Full 2 year warranty including sensor tip
  • ETL certified for the SAE 2791 for R-134a and SAE 2913 for HFO 1234yf And also works with all other refrigerant. CPS Products proudly introduces the industries first fully automatic, extended life leak detector utilizing NEW E-MOS ( Enhanced Metal Oxide sensor) technology. -NEW E-MOS ( Enhanced Metal Oxide sensor) technology. uses proprietary pulse modulation techniques to increase both battery and sensor life. -Software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, initiated at each startup ensures the highest level of sensitivity every use, for up to 500 hours of detecting leaks of less than .1 oz per year. -Sensitivity remains constant over the life of the sensor. -Senses all refrigerants including those with hydrocarbon components -Meets all International standards for automotive use and is ETL certified for the NEW SAEJ 2791 for R-134a and SAEJ 2913 for HFO 1234yf Also works on all HFC, HCFC, CFC and SF6 Refrigerants-50 hour battery life (3 C batteries) -500 + hours sensor life 2 year warranty -Full 2 year warranty including the sensor -Proudly made in the USA The Added UVMINI Professional compact UV Leak Detector Kit is designed to locate leaks sources with UV light technology. Compact light delivers big results of the larger lights at a fraction of the cost and size. UV leak detector alone, mounted to an electronic leak detector with the supplied clip helps perform Electronic and UV Leak Detection at the same time. The ultra bright UV light next to the censor tip allowing easy access into tight areas that the larger lights cannot go. Incorporating the UV technology along with electronic detection insures that even the toughest leaks can be found. Compatible with all UV leak detection dyes.

    2 yr warranty on material and workmanship

Additional information

Weight2.8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8.5 × 3 cm


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