RJ-8000 Air/Hydraulic Center Rolling Jack 8,000 Lb


RJ-8000 Air/Hydraulic Center Rolling Jack w/ 8,000 lb Capacity



Features and Benefits:

  • 8,000 lb. capacity
  • Compact size with a low profile
  • Two safety lock positions
  • Scissor mechanism allows for level lifting
  • Air/Hydraulic

The Atlas® RJ-8000 is a heavy duty rolling jack designed to lift and support 8,000 LB. The commercial grade RJ-8000 rolling jack can be used to raise the front or rear section of a vehicle; allowing the operator of a four post above ground lift to perform wheel and brake service. Most commercial shops buy two of these hydraulic rolling jacks, so that the entire vehicle can be supported in the air at the same time.

The Atlas® RJ-8000 rolling jack has telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four post lift. The lift pads at the end of these arms can be positioned under the LIFTING POINTS that are located over the runways of the four post lift. The Atlas® RJ-8000 rolling bridge is equipped with expandable rail supports which adjust to fit many different brands of four post above ground lifts. These supports have a unique roller system that allows the rolling hydraulic jack to glide easily under the entire length of the vehicle. The large heavy steel wheels allow the rolling jack to be positioned under the correct lifting points in a matter of seconds.

1 yr warranty on material and workmanship

Additional information

Weight331 lbs
Dimensions40 × 21 × 12 cm


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